How to prepare a Pommes Souffles ?

Pomme Souffle cooking instructions.

The entire process actually requires several blanching, the first ones are done for you at Chef Luis' factory that allows him and his crew to inspect every slice, ensuring that 99.9% of the Potato Puffs will puff when you prepare them in your kitchen.

Drop the frozen soufflees slices in 340 F° to 350 F° (take care that you do not puncture or damage them). For small frying, the use of a deep fryer will do, however, for banquets and larger parties, it would be best to use an 8 - 12 qt round sauteusse pan filled with about 3 inches of canola oil.

This way you can fry up to 30 to 40 slices at one time. Once in the oil, the Potato Puffs will start to re-puff quickly. Turn them about to brown them on both sides (approx. 4 to 5 min.). Carefully remove them from the oil and serve. For a convenience way, place them under a heating lamp as they will remain Puffed & Crispy to serve all night.